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Caring for Your Pet Night and Day

Outside our surgery hours emergencies are handled by VetsNow in Swindon. The emergency service is a full weekend and night shift service staffed by people who are awake and ready to respond to your call.

Vets Now are there for you and your pet whenever our surgery is closed. They will provide you with expert veterinary care and free telephone advice no matter how late at night it is, or if it is a bank holiday.

Their fees are approximately £145 before 11pm and £180 after 11pm for the initial consultation  -  there may be further charges for medication or for other procedures such as surgery.  VetsNow is a separate veterinary practice and they will expect you to settle your account with them.

If you would like some advice before deciding whether to call VetsNow outside normal hours you will find that a pop-up appears on this page for PawSquad which is a telephone advice service staffed by veterinary surgeons who can assess your pet's symptoms.  The service is available until midnight and the cost of a call to them is around £15

Unit 10 Berkshire House,
County Park,
Shrivenham Road,
Swindon SN1 2NR

Direct line for Vets Now 01793 603800

How to find Vets Now Hospital Swindon
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21 High Street, Highworth, Wiltshire, SN6 7AG Tel: 01793 765335 Email: